Nightclubs (Club:PM)

Club:PM is a commercial combined package policy designed to meet the needs of business owners operating nightclubs.

We understand the unique nature of the nightclub and late night industry and have designed a package policy that offer cover for:

  • Large capacity nightclubs / venues
  • Nightclubs / venues that only open for trading a few nights a week
  • Well known and established nightclubs that host international DJ’s & events
  • Bars or restaurants that have extended opening hours & subsequently entertainment

Our Nightclubs (Club:PM) package policy provides Property, Machinery, Contents Consequential Loss, Employers and Liability covers as standard and can be extended to include Employers Liability for directly employed door/security staff.

How to arrange cover

Club:PM is available on our InstantQuotes system which will provide a quotation based on a short application.  There are no proposal forms required, just an agreement to a simple statement of fact.  For proposers with non-standard features, including claims, convictions occupancy or location our Underwriting team can tailor our policy to find a solution for your customer.  Simply detail your requirements online and choose to ‘refer’ to our Underwriters. Click here to access the InstantQuotes system. 

 Get InstantQuotes today

You can arrange a TOBA with Gresham online in minutes by clicking here and following the instructions.  If you are not already registered to use InstantQuotes, or want to add more users to access the system then please email detailing the usernames (with their email addresses) you would like to add.  We will get this done for you the same day.

Did you know?

That we also offer a further range of commercial package products tailored to the hospitality industry. 

  • Restaurants
  • Café & Coffee Shops
  • Takeaway & Fast Food
  • Late bars (Nightscene)